simulation games

i love simulation games and without fantasy baseball around to occupy my time, that area of my brain has been left rather unstimulated lately.

i've tried bitlife, a life simulation formatted for phones, but the lack of visual pieces in the game leave me bored.

i read about the simulator baseball-reference is using to simulate their season, and it's ideal. it's called out of the park baseball and after two failed efforts to purchase and run, my computer simply isn't strong enough to run it. i just bought this computer and had no idea i'd be interested in running games on it, so it just wasn't a requirement when i bought it. unfortunately, this is the only platform for out of the park baseball. the reviews are great and the videos are amazing. unfortunately, it's just not an option right now.

i tried downloading the original rollercoaster tycoon. this is an all-time fave for me and i'm certain if i had access to it i'd get lost for hours playing. i tried playing it through steam, as that's the only legitimate way to play it these days, but that failed as well. i believe that if i can find the original .exe file i could run compatibility for windows xp and be able to play. a friend said he was willing to burn it onto a cd for me. so i'll try that at some point. i tried downloading the newest version of rollercoaster tycoon, but my computer being an all in one with a touchscreen, doesn't have the graphics capability. for now, no luck.

i downloaded rollercoaster tycoon touch and it's fun, but unsatisfying. built for a mobile platform, it's not a game in the true sense of the word. a very limited environment and route to advancement leaves most of the strategy out of it. it looks nice on my 12.9" ipad pro, but the gameplay is too limited.

after searching the app store and downloading simcity and train station 2 as emergency backups, both of which i'm familiar with and i knew would not satisfy, i read a review of a game called project highrise. the "ultimate sim game lets you build and manage all the complex operations of a modern skyscraper". this is the pinnacle of mobile simulation games. coming pre-loaded with eight different scenarios, the goal is to remain profitable while fulfilling different contracts along the way. the diversity of the scenarios give lots of options to play different ways. there's also a sandbox mode, where you can start in a tall and narrow, flat and wide, or standard mode. there's also a mode for unlimited resources and funds, no rosebud;!;! necessary. i will say, however, that in this sandbox mode, no matter what mode i pick, it only starts me with flat and wide. this is a bummer but with the scenarios available, its not overly annoying.

the great thing about the game is that it feels like a game, not a mobile game. it's smooth, ad-free all the time, and feels complete. there's no interaction in terms of online multiplayer, and that's a major plus for me. but there are expansions available for purchase. one pack features 22 more maps for $1.99. you can also buy more scenarios, eight for $1.99.

in short, the game rules. it's the standard bearer for simulation games on this platform. i'm multiple scenarios in and i'm addicted. if you have an ipad, i recommend this game.

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